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About the House

The name roots of the Club House are traced from old Ekaterinburg. In the beginning of the last century, Khokhryakov Street bore the name Tikhvinskaya. Thus the name Tikhvin appeared, suggesting an inextricable connection of history and modern age. The first block of the Club House was put in operation in 2005. Today, Tikhvin is one-of-a-kind architectural complex of three residential blocks that includes both elite-class apartments and well-developed infrastructure for leisure and comfortable living.

Architecture and Design

The architecture of the complex corresponds to our residents’ style of living in the best way. Modern with neoclassical elements excellently fit living in a contemporary city. The interiors of Tikhvin Club House are designed in modern neoclassical style. The central hall with the reception, the gallery space, the entrances, the lift halls, the offices and common areas are made in one style. The interior elements made of high quality natural materials, the elegant furniture and paintings of famous artists create a special chic ambiance.


On the one hand, it's a residential block. The well-developed communication systems and engineering technologies correspond to the highest world standards and secure one's safety. The living zone is separated from the community part, thus making private live protected from external factors, preserving home ambiance and comfort. Two-, three- and four-room apartments with individual free planning and spacious penthouses allow every resident to create his or her own special, one-of-a-kind world. The grounds including a courtyard with a park, children and sports playgrounds are built in modern style of natural materials with trees and exquisite design elements. 

On the other hand, we are prepared to offer our clients a variety of additional opportunities, which are comparable in their volume and contents with the services of a five star hotel. Our residents have the services of reception, dry-cleaner, laundry, room service and taxi at their disposal. The recreation and entertainment zone is represented by restaurants of various cultural traditions and cuisine and the boutique gallery offering famous world brands. For sports and harmonization of one's soul and body, there is a specialized cafe of healthy food, wellness club with a rich choice of health and relaxation programs. 

Our aim is to make the life of our residents homely as well as complete and comfortable!