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Tikhvin Wellness Club has everything for health and beauty of one's body and soul, all what one may need – in specialized rooms one can do sports, dance, yoga or wrestling; equipped to the latest technologies spacious swimming pools invite to water sports and swimming; healing and therapy rooms let one relax and take care of one's health and spa-world immerses in the atmosphere of beauty and harmony.

Highly qualified specialists of our Wellness Club apply individual approach to every visitor and help to draw up a plan based on personal wishes and medical conditions so that you could feel every cell of your body and be always perfectly fit.

Tikhvin Wellness Club will charge you with life energy and at the same time let relax and recover strength. High quality services, modern technologies and up-to-date equipment in combination with centuries-long traditions make Tikhvin Wellness Club different from the other.

Working hours:

Monday-Friday: 6:15 AM - 24:00 PM

Saturday-Sunday and holidays: 8:00 AM - 23:00 PM


46, Khokhryakova St, Yekaterinburg, Tikhvin Club House

Telephone/fax: +7 (343) 215-92-05 /10